Home Fashion Designs Form Fit, Slip Resistant, Stylish Furniture Cover/Protector Featuring Lightweight Stretch Twill Fabric. Brenna Collection Basic Strapless Slipcover (Recliner, Navy)

  • Polyester (97%) and Spandex (3%) Recognized as a top slipcover for excellent reviews, low return rates and fast shipping!
  • REFRESH: Slipcovers are an easy, inexpensive way to refresh the look of your home and transform any room!
  • PROTECT: This basic slipcover shields and protects your furniture from spills, stains, wear and tear to prevent it from getting ruined. It’s great for homes with children and pets, or for anyone seeking an economical solution for furniture protection.
  • STAYS IN PLACE: This slipcover is conveniently
  • STRAPLESS and SLIP RESISTANT with an ELASTICIZED BOTTOM, which means that there are no straps needed to secure it in place and it stays exactly where you want it to without shifting or moving.
  • FITS MOST FURNITURE: Our slipcovers are one-size-fits-most. Our Sofa Slipcover fits most sofas up to 90 inches wide, our Loveseat Slipcover fits most loveseats up to 68 inches wide, our Chair Slipcover fits most armchairs up to 40 inches wide and our Recliner Slipcover fits most armchairs up to 40 inches wide.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If you’re not 100% SATISFIED, our customer service team will work with you to make it right!

Product description

Brenna Collection Basic Strapless Twill Slipcover
Freshen up your home décor and protect your furniture. Slipcovers are the perfect combination of style and function. A must-have for homes with children and pets!

Our Basic slipcovers are the most economical solution. If you’re simply looking for a low-cost way to protect your furniture, this is a great budget-friendly option. If you’re looking for a Deluxe slipcover with plush, heavyweight fabric, see our Cambria or Amilio Collection. If you’re looking for a Platinum slipcover for the ultimate in quality and luxury, see our Darla Collection.

Shields and protects furniture from everyday mishaps, including spills, stains, dirt, grime, wear and tear
Strapless and elasticized on the bottom so that it stays in place without shifting or moving
– Lightweight twill material
Affordable prices that fit any budget
– Beautiful solid colors and geometric prints to complement any décor

Available in a Variety of Colors and Sizes
Our slipcovers are one-size-fits most. They’re designed to fit most sofas up to 90 inches wide, most loveseats up to 68 inches wide, and most armchairs up to 40 inches wide. Those are the widest measurements, which means that they’ll also fit slightly smaller furniture. However, as with any one-size-fits-most products, we can’t guarantee that they will fit your furniture. We recommend measuring your furniture before purchasing. Choose from a variety of great colors.

Easy Care
Stain resistant and machine washable for your convenience.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
We offer a 10-year “no questions asked” guarantee so you can buy with confidence. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we’ll work with you to make it right.

Customer Reviews

Discriminating Purchaser
“I’m amazed at how it transformed my family room. Fit perfectly and everyone thought I purchased new furniture. Very easy to put on and stays in place 99% after it has been sat on. I come from the old era of slip covers…that never worked. But I needed something on the furniture that had seen better days and could not afford to re-upholster right now. This is the BEST PURCHASE I HAVE MADE! Purchased for the sofa, chair and love seat…needed one for the foot stool but they did not make that type of cover. Well, they did not know they made that type of cover. My girlfriend purchased another chair cover and covered the foot stool with it gathering the material into 2 beautiful rosettes on the side. Awesome material and pattern.

Pics attached for you to see. (Other pics I saw when trying to make the decision did not do the covers any justice…line up your seams and tuck, then it looks like it was made for your furniture)


(I must really like this item. I’m usually a 3-5 word sentence reviewer…lol!)”

“This slipcover is awesome. I bought the one for a recliner and I worried that it would be too baggy or be weird material but it isn’t! It went on easily- even if the instructions are not that clear. You start by putting the entire cover over the top of the chair and then pull it down to where the tag matches up with the lower back right (your right if you are standing behind the chair facing it) of the chair. From there, move the recliner lever into the up position so it’s easier to get through the slipcover hole. Then stretch the cover over all corners. Then tuck in the excess fabric! I have a La Z Boy rocker recliner that measures 37 inches across and 24 inches deep if I remember correctly and this slipcover does great on it!

I like the look of this cover too. And there is a 3 year warranty if you contact the manufacturer to register your product! You may even want to check out the manufacturer website. The list price is much cheaper on there, but I’m not sure what shipping and taxes are (I had already purchased on amazon because I wanted 2 day shipping!).”

Kennedi M. Williams
“Quick delivery. I’m stationed overseas in Korea and received my package in a week. Nice quality, stretchy material. I opted to put the seat cushions over the slipcover because I didn’t want to keep fixing it every time someone sat down. Overall, I love the pattern and quality of the cover. I may purchase another in a different color for a different room.”

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