Fashion Bed Group Casey Complete Wood Daybed with Ball Finials and Roll Out Trundle Drawer, White Finish, Twin

  • Twin sized daybed with roll out storage trundle is a stunning centerpiece in any room
  • Constructed of solid wood with a White finish for strong support and long life
  • Headboard back, arms and ball finials create the perfect base to build a room
  • Trundle (76.5″ x 4.5″ x 13.5″) can accommodate twin mattress for guests or extra storage
  • Daybed measures 45.5″ x 81.5″ x 41.75″ and comes with a 1-year limited warranty

Product description

The Casey Daybed by Fashion Bed Group features solid wood construction in a white finish. This twin size daybed has an optional trundle unit offering an extra sleeping surface, or a large storage unit. The trundle unit is compatible with any standard twin size mattress and pulls out easily with eight casters. The Casey Daybed possesses distinct cottage style well-defined by its decorative detail. Designed with squared posts and round finials, this daybed is charming and practical – a perfect addition to any second bedroom or home office. Daybed Features: Daybed has Chinese Birch, MDF and veneer construction ; White finish ; Twin Size ; Round finials ; Optional trundle unit ; Mattress supporting slat deck included ; Some assembly required ; 10 year manufacturer limited warranty on brass, plated brass, painted metal or finished wood components; Actual color of the product may slightly vary from the image. Trundle Features: Has 3-drawer faux front ; Round hardware ; Eight casters ; Can be used with a twin mattress or for storage ; ¬†Optional Trundle available ; Some assembly required. Specifications: Daybed Overall Dimensions: 46″ H x 81.5″ W x 41.63″ D ; Daybed Side Panel Height: 36.5″ ; Trundle Dimensions: 13.13″ H x 76.63″ W x 40.75″ D ; Daybed Shipping Carton Dimensions 1: 7″ H x 45″ W x 56″ D ; Daybed Shipping Carton Dimensions 2: 5.5″ H x 29″ W x 81″ D ; Trundle Shipping Carton Dimensions: 8.5″ H x 19″ W x 80.5″ D. Overall Weight: 198 lbs ; Daybed Weight: 120 lbs ; Trundle Weight: 78 lbs ; Daybed Shipping Carton Weight 1: 52 lbs ; Daybed Shipping Carton Weight 2: 63 lbs ; Trundle Shipping Carton Weight: 88 lbs.

Customer Reviews

This daybed is awesome. It is well built
“First of all, let me summarize. This daybed is awesome. It is well built, attactive, easy to put together. I put it together with my 70+ year old mom and we had no problems. We started at around 10 PM and finished by 11:30, and that was with us talking and taking our time.

Here is the other piece of information that you’ll want to know : THE TOP TAKES AN EXTRA LONG TWIN. THE BOTTOM TRUNDLE PART TAKES A REGULAR TWIN. Even if you have a really nice, thick pillow top XL Twin, it will fit on the top without a problem.

I bought this bed because I really wanted a daybed, and really wanted one that would hold an EXTRA LONG TWIN MATTRESS, at least on top. For me, a regular twin is fine for kids but can be depressing for an adult, and I wanted something comfortable for adult guests when they visited me.

Well, looking at the reviews I wasn’t sure if this would hold an extra long twin on top. Many of the reviewers said it did, but the manufacturer recommends a regular twin on the top as well as for the trundle, and some reviewers mentioned they used a regular twin for both. I didn’t want to buy the bed and then find out that it wouldn’t hold the XL Twin on top.

After all, the bed is 81.5 inches wide. Will it hold an 80 inch long XL twin mattress? I mean the frame itself must account for at least
1.5 inches, right? Or does the frame account for more than that? How much room is there really for the mattress on top??

So I called Amazon and asked them. I specifically explained my situation– that if the bed didn’t hold an XL TWIN on top, that it would not fit my needs. The lady told me that if I bought the bed, and it did not meet my expectations, I need only send it back. Well, they would make me pay for shipping, right? WRONG! Amazon would also pay for shipping it back! I mean, this thing weights over 150 lbs. And yet they OFFERED to pay return shipping at NO COST whatsoever if it didn’t fit my needs.

WOW. Why would I buy from anyone else?? Amazon is absolutely amazing. Anyone else would make you at least pay for shipping to return the thing. Now, I am a PRIME member, so I don’t know if that’s why, but in any event with no risk whatsoever, why not give it a try??

So I bought the bed… and yes, it does fit an EXTRA LONG TWIN MATTRESS on top. I mean a really nice, pillow top, thick XL twin mattress. Without a problem. This was one of the only frames that would fit an XL Twin, and really the only Daybed I could find that would. And it does so incredibly well.

Of note, the TRUNDLE takes a REGULAR twin… and the mattress for the trundle can’t be more than 8 inches thick or so or else it won’t fit under the bed frame.

The bed looks absolutely fantastic. It is very sturdy, and I have no qualms whatsoever about having a full sized adult sleep on the thing. The trundle is also very nice. I couldn’t have asked for a better product, that fit my needs better, than this.

You don’t need a box spring for either mattress since really nice sturdy wood slats that screw into place are present both for the main frame and for the trundle.

It looks great, is sturdy, was easy to put together, and was the only daybed that holds an XL TWIN on top that I could find. And the price is absolutely fantastic for the quality of what you are getting.

Of note, I believe this is the same product as the LL BEAN “Farmhouse Bed with Trundle”. I can’t be sure, but that was the only other daybed where reviewers mentioned that the top held an XL long twin, and when I looked at the pictures, they looked identical. Only with Amazon you get the thing in 3-4 days and for a lot cheaper.

I have always been a huge fan of Amazon, and this purchase just corroborated how much I think of their products and service. I am planning on getting another one of these beds for another room in the house.”

Excellent bed; zero regrets.
“I searched for several days in local stores and online for a daybed with trundle, and finally settled on this one due to the price and great reviews. The package arrived in three boxes via FedEx and while the boxes were somewhat abused the items inside were not damaged. The bed went together very quickly and the instructions were adequate. While putting it together I kept thinking this is going too well — I never have a good experience like this. Turns out I finally did have an issue at the very end while assembling the trundle. Two pieces were not lining up so I had to use my wood chisel to knock off about 1/8 to 1/4” of wood to get the screws to line up in the frame. No harm though, it took just a couple minutes and the bed still looks perfect. I am pleased with the quality of the finish and the craftsmanship. I’m attaching a picture in case the manufacture ever monitors these reviews and may want to make an adjustment to their QC process.

Regarding the mattress size, on top the bed will accept a twin XL but it will be tight putting sheets and a cover on it. The trundle will not accept a twin XL. I purchased two twin (non-XL) mattresses that were 7″ thick and everything worked out perfectly. With the standard twin, there is a 1.5-2″ gap on each end of the top bed which allows plenty of room to fit the comforter on and my young kids have no trouble making the bed themselves.”

Even more beautiful in real life!
“I researched hundreds of daybeds with trundles online before settling on this particular one. Besides being the quality and style that I wanted in a bed, I desired one that I could assemble by myself with the least amount of effort and unexpected problems. I am a 72 yr old grandmother so I was counting on all the wonderful reviews were that were extremely helpful. Most of them affirmed that it was so well-engineered that it seemed it would be all that I needed in a bed. It was delivered three days early when I wasn’t home, so the delivery people just put it outside my garage. It arrived in three large, reasonably heavy boxes, so I just pushed them into the garage and unpacked them one piece at a time from there. I must say, it was a DREAM to put together!! All the screws came in separate little pockets together with a packing list showing exactly how many of each there were. It even had its own perfect little Allen wrench. The holes lined up amazingly well; I only needed help for about five minutes to hold up the back until I could put the two top screws in. The hardest part of this whole procedure was driving the thirty screws into the trundle bed platform. The platform pieces had the holes drilled through, but the supports underneath only had the very beginnings of pilot holes. It was up to me to drive them the rest of the way in. I believe that is because the manufacturer might have wanted a good tight, stable base for the mattress. Because the supports were pine (probably), the screws weren’t too hard to get in all the way. They were intended to be countersunk to avoid damage to the mattress. All in all, I am SO pleased with this beautiful bed! It is definitely more beautiful in person, even though it is NOT white (creamy, yellow white is what I would call it). My grandchildren got to enjoy it this past week!!”

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